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Our ASB service review

Blackpool Coastal Housing

BCH’s Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) Team has been working with an organisation called RESOLVE for the last few years. They are a Centre of Excellence solely focused upon community safety and ASB.

RESOLVE has recently assessed BCH’s ASB service and, as part of this, customers were asked to complete a survey about the service. A big thank you to those of you who took the time to provide your feedback - there was an excellent response with over 400 surveys completed. 

Here's a summary of your feedback:

  • 60% of respondents found it easy to report ASB
  • 70% of respondents didn't know what customers can be involved in improving and developing the service
  • 68% of respondents aren't sure of the actions that can be taken by the team to resolve ASB

Your feedback has helped to inform the report and recommendations that RESOLVE has provided and we’ll be working to complete the actions over the coming months. We’ll be providing further updates as and when our service develops. 


BCH have an effective approach to ASB guided and supported by clear strategies and policies. There is a positive culture with open communication. BCH maintains strong working relationships with partner agencies, as evidenced in well-attended multi-agency meetings. There is room for improvement in consistency, particularly with regards to risk assessments and action plans being completed. Mediation is an underused tool and could be more effective with increased referrals. It is clear that BCH place a strong emphasis on ASB at both a strategic and operational level, with a clear commitment to providing good quality services.
RESOLVE gave positive feedback in their review.
Blackpool Coastal Housing