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BCH carry out routine inspections of properties to ensure everything is OK with your home and you are managing your tenancy.

We may contact you to carry out an inspection because an issue has been raised or just because we have not checked in on you for a while!

The purpose of the inspections are to:

  • Identify issues of poor property condition including poor hygiene and/or property damage.
  • Refer you to services that may be able to support you.
  • Link in with services you are already open to, to make sure we are supporting you in the right way.

It is a term of your tenancy agreement to allow BCH employees and contractors acting on our behalf access to the property.

During inspections a BCH Neighbourhood Officer will take photographs of all your rooms, gardens and metres. 

BCH Neighbourhoods Team offer a supporting role to help you to manage your tenancy in line with your tenancy agreement.

Image of a house and garden
BCH property showing well maintained garden and hedgerow to the front