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Managing communal areas

Find out about how BCH manages communal areas inside blocks as well as across our green spaces.

BCH have a Neighbourhood Environmental Officer who carries out regular walkabouts and block inspections to check that all communal green spaces and internal areas of blocks are clean, free from obstruction and are well maintained.

BCH also employ contractors to maintain the internal areas of 3 storey blocks.

If you live in a 2 storey blocks it is your responsibility to ensure that the internal communal area is well maintained, clean and free from obstruction.

Image of two storey deck access flats at Braemar Walk
Two storey deck access flats at Braemar Walk

Managing communal green space

Maintenance being carried out by Fylde Council on BCH managed green spaces
Maintenance being carried out by Fylde Council on BCH managed green spaces
Communal green spaces are managed by our partner contractor, Fylde Council. They are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of all communal green space managed by BCH.

The overall purpose of the service is to provide clean, tidy and well-maintained green spaces.

Although all grounds maintenance work is weather dependent and we cannot confirm a fixed date for each visit, between April and October we aim to visit each site every 2 weeks to carry out the following:

  • Grass cutting - 'Cut & Drop' of grassed areas, litter picking and clearance of grass from pathways
  • Shrub bed maintenance during winter and summer
  • Hedge pruning between October and March. Occasional pruning may take place during summer months if there is a requirement to do so
  • Clearance and disposal of rubbish, litter, moss, dead weeds, etc. from all BCH managed areas
  • Spraying of weed killer on hard standing areas to remove and keep down weeds / moss. We will aim to complete this 3 times per year (this is weather dependent)
  • Snow clearance and rock salt gritting on designated areas when required.

How we deal with trees

BCH carry out a program of inspections and planned works to ensure trees on the land we manage are compliant with all legislation and are well maintained.

Trees located within communal spaces are all tagged and inspected on a rolling 3 year inspection and maintenance programme.

Please note - it is a tenant's responsibility to maintain and care for trees located within the boundary of their property and is a requirement of the tenancy agreement.

However, should you have concerns or would like advice about a tree that is located in your garden please contact the ASB and Neighbourhoods service. 


T: 01253 477900 select option 3