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When you report a repair, we will ask you some questions to help us diagnose the problem and ensure that the right operative attends to complete the repair. The type of information we need includes:

  • The main repair issue
  • The location of the problem
  • How long this has been an issue
  • If the issue poses a health and safety risk to you, your family or neighbours
  • A convenient time slot for your appointment

Most repairs are split into two main categories; emergency and routine repairs.

Once we have booked your repair, we will confirm the following:

  • If it is an emergency repair, we will ask you to stay at home until we arrive.
  • If it is a routine repair, we will agree a specific date and a morning/afternoon time slot for this to be completed.
  • Your repair reference number – this relates specifically to the repair job and should be used if you need to contact us about this repair.
  • A letter or text message will be sent to confirm the appointment depending on your preferences.