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Tenants Project Fund

Blackpool Coastal Housing

The Tenants Project Fund, or TPF as it’s also known, was created to support projects that make a positive difference to our customers’ lives and local communities by providing the opportunity to apply for large grants up to £10,000 and smaller grants of £500 or less.

Despite the restrictions imposed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, it has still been a busy time for the TPF recently as community groups and organisations continue to run fabulous projects we’re proud to fund– both. Read on to find out more about these projects…

group of pictures from the Boathouse Youth Charity
Boathouse Youth received £10,000 towards their ‘Delivering the Boathouse to Your House’ project, which provided food and activity packs to over 200 of their young people, who have been isolated due to the various lockdown measures.
group of images, one of a therapy session, the other a therapy company logo
Counselling in the Community received £9,000 to help run their ‘Immediate Access Therapy’ project, making therapy ‘accessible to all’ by providing residents of Blackpool with rapid access to mental health care, delivered by qualified Counsellors.
image of kitchen utensils and ingredients
The newly relaunched Ibbison Court Community Garden and Café received £305 to purchase new cooking and dining equipment for their weekly lunch club, which will be up and running when it’s safe to do so.
Picture of a person handing another person a bowl of food
The Parish Church of Layton (St Marks) received £500 towards the running of their ‘Need to Feed’ project, which provides food to the homeless community throughout Blackpool, who’ve been adversely affected throughout the pandemic.
picture of gardening tools and plants
Friends of East Pines Park received £358.86 towards their ‘Neighbours, Gardens, then Friends’ project, which will revitalise a communal green space on Warren Drive.
collage of people receiving the cream tea meals
Blackpool Coastal Housing’s Sheltered Housing Service, working in partnership with Ibbison Bingo Club, received £200 for their ‘Christmas Cream Tea picnic on wheels, which delivered luxury lunchtime treats to 60 local residents, directly to their doors.
picture of a cooked turkey
Molyneux Drive Friends and Neighbours received £250 towards their ‘Isolated Christmas Dinner’ project, providing 3 course Christmas meals to local residents who have been shielding at home during the pandemic.

We would like to say a big thank you to all our TPF volunteer grant assessors for their continued involvement with Blackpool Coastal Housing and the Tenant's Project Fund. The TPF has helped the above projects (plus numerous more over the years) make a huge difference to the lives of so many BCH customers and members of the community. Thank you!

To find out more about how the Tenants Project Fund may be able to support your project, or if you are a tenant and would like to get involved with us as a volunteer grant assessor, please click here.

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