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CIH Northern Award winners

Blackpool Coastal Housing
CIH Northern Award winner banner
BCH is proud to announce that we were crowned winners at this year’s CIH Northern Awards in the New Ideas, Approaches and Innovation awards category. Held on Thursday 18th November 2021 at the Hilton Gateshead, the awards ceremony recognised and celebrated the creativity, passion and innovation of housing organisations and individuals across the sector within the Northern region.

Our Work in Supporting Young People and Carers

BCH’s Resettlement Team was commended for their contribution to supporting young people and care leavers. Our Positive Transitions Pathway (PTP) was set up in 2018 to provide tailored, intensive tenancy management and life coaching for young people leaving care to help them become successful tenants and positive contributors to the community.

Part of the PTP, our Clare Street scheme supports homeless young people aged 16-18 with the ultimate aim of living independently and moving into their own property or appropriate supported housing at 18.

The service was further enhanced through the opening of William Lyons House (a 14 unit scheme), helping to provide more intensive services and accommodation for young people aged 18 plus who would struggle living in a more dispersed environment and may have already experienced failed tenancies.

Young people are identified through a joint planning process between Blackpool Council’s Children’s Services, Housing Options and BCH.

The Positive Transitions Officer (PTO) provides intensive support, assisting them to feel settled, make decisions, access services, and create a home. We have found that it is often the simple things that are the most important to young people and care leavers when helping them to transition into the wider community. Practical help to set up a home, regularly visiting young people at home to assess living conditions, making sure young people are eating properly, being clear about what behaviours are acceptable and what are not, are fundamental parts of the service.

A key part is building the individual’s confidence and talking to them about their aspirations for the future and working together to make those ambitions real. This includes working with colleges and employers to find the most appropriate path for a young person to take.

As the young person grows more independent the service steps down, but can step up again in times of difficulty. 

The team has supported 89 young people during 2020-21, with many providing positive feedback on the service:

‘Moving into my new property is the best thing that ever happened to me, I can’t believe how well looked after I’ve been’

‘I’ve got this feeling in my belly, you know just like before Christmas?’

‘Love it! It’s great, it’s mine’

‘Appreciate all you’ve done’

Furthermore, BCH is working to expand this service and has recently transformed a former children’s home in the north of Blackpool to provide a semi-independent service for looked after children aged 16-18.

Care leavers are amongst our most vulnerable young people and it is immensely satisfying to see how our Resettlement Team and the Positive Transitions Pathway is helping these and other vulnerable young people establish themselves as independent adults who will make a positive contribution to the future of Blackpool.
John Donnellon, Chief Executive of Blackpool Coastal Housing
Photograph of Glass Award trophy received at the CIH Northern Awards
The BCH Resettlement Team received this award for their innovative work in supporting young people and care leavers.
Blackpool Coastal Housing