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Site Safety

The initial phases of the development means that further building works will be ongoing; here is important information on site safety

The initial phases of the development means that further building works will be continuing while properties are tenanted. There will be unavoidable construction work and traffic which will cause noise and possible disturbance until the development is fully completed and we appreciate your patience during this time.

Important Site Safety information

  • You must not enter the building site for any reason.
  • Please drive slowly when accessing your property from Dinmore Avenue as construction staff are continuing to work on site.
  • If a ball or toy is accidentally lost over the fence or onto the building site please contact BCH on T: 01253 477900 (option 2) and we’ll arrange its safe return.
  • Any defects must be reported to BCH on T: 01253 477900 (option 2), please do not call on site staff as these will not be attended to. If BCH or the contractor needs to access your home, they will contact you first to make an appointment.
Property Reminders

Electrical PV equipment installed in the under-stair store:

  • Do not cover, store or lean any objects on the equipment.
  • The equipment may become warm, this is normal.
  • Please do not tamper with the equipment.

Air Source Heat Pump located in the rear garden and cylinder on the first floor (if fitted in your home):

  • Do not cover, stand on or play against the outside unit.
  • Keep the front of the unit clear to allow the fan to work efficiently.
  • The outside unit may release vapour /steam during cold/frosty weather, this is a normal defrosting cycle.
  • Do not adjust any equipment in the Cylinder cupboard.