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When you experience problems with your neighbour, in some instances it may be best to speak to them as they may not be aware that they are causing you issue.

If you have a problem with your neighbour, or your neighbour has a problem with you, it is important to try to resolve it as early as possible.

What you can do ...

You may be able to resolve disputes and everyday nuisance problems by talking to your neighbour.

Your neighbour may not be aware that they are causing a problem or may not be aware of how it is affecting you.

When you speak to your neighbour remember to:

  • Remain calm
  • Keep things friendly
  • Think about how you would like to be spoken to if you were causing the problem
  • Go at an appropriate time
  • Do not go around if you are angry
  • Do not bang on the door
  • Try not to interrupt if your neighbour responds
  • Stay in control and do not shout
  • Explain the issues calmly – and highlight how the behaviour is affecting you/family members
  • If the neighbour gets angry, make your excuses and walk away.

Alternatively, you could use our 'Good Neighbour Card'. 

Avoid making comments on Social Media about your neighbours as this potentially could cause bad feeling.

If you have spoken to your neighbour and matters do not improve then contact us

It’s also important to remember that sometimes we have different lifestyles from others who live in our communities and by being tolerant and understanding of this, conflict and problems can often be avoided.

If a complaint is made to BCH which constitutes ASB then a case will be opened and assigned to a Housing Officer. We categorise our cases dependant on the severity and your complaint will be acknowledged informing you of this.