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BCH will investigate all complaints and gather evidence where it exists from victims, complainants, other residents and partner agencies including the Police and support services.

We will consider the tools and powers available and the Housing Officer will deem which of these actions are likely to be effective. We will discuss an action plan with complainants and agree the most appropriate form of action to resolve the matter.

It is important that complainants engage with the Housing Officer and provide any necessary updates or evidence when requested in order to achieve a positive outcome. Mediation may also be offered as a solution to resolve some issues.

The table below shows how we categorise ASB cases and how long you can expect your case to be dealt with by the ASB service:




Domestic Abuse, violence or threats of violence, Hate Crime and criminal activity.

Please note we will respond to cases classed as HIGH priority within 1 working.


Verbal abuse, criminal damage, ongoing noise nuisance, intimidating or abusive behaviour

Please note we will respond to cases classed as MEDIUM priority within 5 working days.


Noise, animal nuisance, nuisance from vehicles

Please note we will respond to cases classed as LOW priority within 7 working days.

You do not need to contact the service unless you have not received a response from us within our stated timescales.

Case closures

BCH will close cases where any of the following applies:

  • The case has been resolved
  • There is insufficient evidence for any action to be taken
  • There is a lack of response or engagement from victims
  • Where it is established that the complaint is vexatious or unreasonable.

When cases are closed, BCH will inform victims and complainants. If a case is closed and victims or complainants do not agree with this, they are entitled to request that the case is reviewed by the ASB Team Leader.