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Electrical Safety Checks

We carry out an Electrical Safety check on our properties every 5 years. This check is designed to ensure that the electrical installation at your home remains safe and is completed by a specialist partnering contractor. We will contact you when an inspection is due at your home.

The check usually takes around 2.5hours and access is required into all rooms to check the electrical accessories such as switches, sockets and outlets.

If you are a leaseholder, you are responsible for organising your own electrical safety inspection, although this is not a legal requirement unless you sublet your home. 

In 2020, the Government introduced new electrical safety regulations for private landlords who sublet their leasehold property. The new regulations require electrical installations in the property to be inspected and tested by a qualified and competent person, at least every 5 years. Landlords have to provide a copy of the electrical safety report to their tenants and to the local authority if requested. 

Electrical Safety Advice

Electricity is used every day and we may forget how powerful and dangerous it can be. 40% of house fires are caused by electrical appliances and supply so it is important to stay safe.

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service and Electrical Safety First have a range of helpful advice on electrical safety, here are some tips:

  • Keep all electrical appliances clean, follow the operating instructions and keep them in good working order.
  • Only use white goods such as washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers when you are at home and not asleep.
  • Don't overload extension leads or adapters.
  • Regularly check for frayed or worn cables and wires.


Passenger lifts
BCH is responsible for maintaining passenger lifts and for undertaking periodic thorough examinations and inspections to ensure those lifts operate safely.

BCH ensure that it meets all of its legal requirements in regard to lift safety operations via a combination of regular inspections, thorough examinations (in conjunction with the organisation’s insurers) and periodic routine maintenance of all lifting equipment within properties it owns and manages.

Passenger lifts are serviced every month and thoroughly examined at least every six months or following a major change in operating conditions which is likely to affect the integrity of the equipment.

Stairlifts and hoists

Where stair lifts and hoists have been provided for tenants as part of an adaptation, BCH will carry out maintenance, inspection and a 6-monthly thorough examination.

Where a lift is installed in your home, you can help us to keep you safe by making, and keeping appointments to allow us into your home to carry out our 6 monthly maintenance and inspection checks.