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Contents insurance is one of two main types of insurance you can get for your home and covers the contents of your house in the event of loss, damage or theft.

Contents insurance can also protect your belongings from events outside your control, including fire, theft, storms, floods, ground moving below your property (subsidence) and water leaks.

BCH and Blackpool Council have recognised some of the problems that our customers face in obtaining home insurance.

The Simple Home Contents Insurance Scheme enables you to insure your home for as little as £1.08 per week and is geared towards your needs. Underwritten by RSA, this scheme offers peace of mind and premiums can be paid either weekly, fortnightly, monthly or annually.

If you're interested in this scheme you'll find more information, including application forms in the 'related files' section on this page.

**Please note, from 1st January 2022, when completing the application form, the additional document marked 'insert' also needs to be included when returning your completed paperwork**