Your Local Community Centre

Last Modified June 13, 2017

There are 16 local Community Centres attached to the Sheltered Housing Schemes within Blackpool which offer a wide range of activities. Outside groups (i.e. non sheltered tenants) are welcome to book activities within the Community Centres. Bookings need to be made through our Supported Housing Co-ordinator and rules and regulations for the use of the Centres do apply; a copy of these will be forwarded to you when you make a booking.

Types of Activities

Activities range from Centre to Centre but include:

  • Bingo
  • Cards & dominoes
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Painting
  • Yoga
  • Chess
  • Educational Programmes
  • Breakfast and Lunch Clubs
  • Council and Police Surgeries
  • Coffee Mornings/Afternoons

How to Book

If you would like to find out what activities are taking place at your local Community Centre or would like further information, please contact us directly on (01253) 477898 or by email at

Your Nearest Community Centre


Dunsop Court Community Centre, Dunsop Close, FY1 6NQ

Ibbison Court Community Centre, Ibbison Court, FY1 4AU

Spencer Court Community Centre, Spencer Court , FY1 3TW


Kilmory Community Centre, Kilmory Place, FY2 0XS

Kincraig Community Centre, Kincraig Place, FY2 0NB

Lowmoor Community Centre, Edmonton Place, FY2 0UT

Stronsay Community Centre, Stronsay Place, FY2 0HE


Argosy Community Centre, Argosy Court, Foreshaw Ave, Grange Park, FY3 7PW

Horsebridge Community Centre, Horsebridge Road, Grange Park, FY3 7EA


Aysgarth Community Centre, Aysgarth Court, FY4 5LX

Bostonway Community Centre, Bostonway, FY4 4YQ

Cherry Tree Community Centre, CherryTreeGardens, Mereside , FY4 4PY

Lostock Gardens Community Centre, Lostock Gardens, FY4 3PP

Molyneux Community Centre, Lennox Gate, FY4 3JJ

Tarnside Community Centre, Tarnside, FY4 4RD


Sevenoaks Community Centre, Hobart Place, FY5 3DQ