Here to Help

Last Modified June 13, 2017

The Rents Team are committed to helping customers every step of the way from the very first week you move into your new home. Our aim is to support you so that you're able to make your rent payments and you do not fall deeper into debt.  

If you get into arrears you should:

  • Contact The Rents Team – they CAN Help
  • Look at ways in which you are spending your money – you might be able to help yourself by completing a simple budget plan. Take a look at one of the various websites on our Dealing With Debt Page
  • DON’T ignore any letters we send you...if we speak to you, we can help work out a payment plan or refer you to our Rents Intervention Team for help
  • Accept the help we provide – we want you to stay in your home!

The BCH Hub

At Blackpool Coastal Housing we understand the need for our customers to ‘get online’ and as a result we have provided an area within our head office at Coastal House where customers can access the internet for free! Known as The BCH Hub, it is an area within reception that allows up to 4 customers at one time to apply for jobs, complete online benefit forms and much more.