Garage Rent

Last Modified June 13, 2017

As well as properties, Blackpool Coastal Housing manages approximately 450 garages across Blackpool from Anchorsholme to South Shore. Like a property tenancy, it is important that you keep your garage accounts up to date as the rent is due each week on a Monday.

The accounts are monitored regularly and failure to make payments and keep in contact with the team may result in warning letters being issued or direct contact from a team member.  As with property rent, the Rents Team will discuss payment arrangements and assist with any issues where necessary. 

If the rent is still not paid, a Garage Notice to Quit (NTQ) is served and this Notice gives the garage tenant 4 weeks to pay off all of the outstanding arrears.  If this NTQ expires and we have not had any contact from the tenant, the garage will be repossessed and any items will be disposed of. 

If you are struggling to pay your garage account, please contact The Rents Team who are here to help. If you do not currently rent a garage but are interested in doing so, click here to find out how to apply.