Anti-Social Behaviour

Last Modified June 15, 2021

At BCH we provide a high quality estate management service to make sure that our neighbourhoods are clean, safe and are pleasant places to live.

Click here to view our 'Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour' Booklet

Neighbour complaints

In most cases of minor nuisance or anti-social behaviour (ASB), the first thing you should do is discuss the problem with your neighbour. Following a service review recommendation by TOWER Scrutiny, we've created a handy 'Good Neighbour' card that you can use to pass on a friendly note to your neighbour, to try and resolve the issue. Click here to download your copy of the Good Neighbour card.

If you can’t talk to your neighbour about the problem or it’s a sensitive issue then you can report ASB to us at, or call 01253 477900 (option 3), or for out of hours ASB reporting please call 0800 073 0184 or 01253 477678.   

We will work with you and others to resolve problems.

Our ASB Team has entered into a partnership with ADR Mediation and Training to help us effectively deal with anti-social behaviour through encouraging communication and developing a better understanding between those in dispute. Mediation is often a quick and successful way of resolving issues without the long timescales and potential stresses of court or formal action. Referrals to this service are made through our ASB Officers.          

Crime prevention

If you are suffering or witness crime on your estate, please tell us. If the person committing the crime is a BCH tenant they may be breaking the terms and conditions of their tenancy and if so, we may be able to take action.

If you experience an incident that you think is a crime, you must contact the Police in the first instance and then contact the ASB team. If you are given a Police Log number then please also provide this to us.

To contact the Police for:

Non emergency calls dial 101

In the event of an emergency, such as a violent attack, dial 999.

For information on your local Police division please click here

Hate and harassment

We are committed to reducing hate and harassment and will support victims who experience this behaviour.

If a tenant or any person who may visit or live with them is found to have carried out an act of hate, action will be taken against them as this is breaking our tenancy agreement and may put the tenants’ home at risk.

Domestic abuse

We are committed to reducing domestic abuse in Blackpool, whatever form it takes, and will support victims of domestic abuse.

Domestic violence is any incident or pattern of incidents of controlling, coercive or threatening behaviour, violence or abuse between those aged 16 or over who are or have been intimate partners or family members regardless of gender or sexuality. 

What action can we take against Anti-Social Behaviour?

We can’t take action against someone without evidence. We will give you ‘incident report forms’ to record ASB you see or hear. We may need other evidence, like photographs, video or tape recordings and may have to speak to other people who have witnessed the problem, or liaise with other services such as the Police. It could be difficult to take the case any further without these other witnesses. To download an 'incident report form' please click here. Alternatively, you can email reports to us or call 01253 477900 (option 3). Please make sure you include your name and address and details of what happened.

Where the evidence shows that ASB has occurred we will take action. In serious cases involving putting people in danger, legal action will be taken. In most situations, we will interview a perpetrator and agree a course of action to encourage them to change their behaviour or risk legal action. (You can ask us not to do this, but it could then be difficult to take the case further). 

Types of legal action we can take:

If ASB continues after a final warning – or if someone is in danger – we will take legal action by obtaining court orders to give us:

  • An injunction (a legal order that instructs the perpetrator to stop acting anti-socially); or
  • Permission to evict the responsible tenant (the tenant is responsible for their own behaviour and for the behaviour of anyone living with them or visiting their home).
  • Demotion of Tenancy (a request to remove the security of your tenancy).
  • If you have an introductory tenancy we can defer your eligibility for a secure tenancy.

How long can it take to resolve the problem?

It may appear that we are not taking any action to sort the problem out. However, if we need to take legal action this can take a long time to prepare the evidence to ensure that the case has the best possibility of being successful at court. In the event of court action being taken, we also have to wait for the courts to set a date for a hearing.

Tenants are protected by their tenancy agreement and this means that we have to go through many steps if we want to take legal action.

We will keep you informed of the progress of our investigation. If you think that we are not doing enough please contact us.