Leasehold Properties

Last Modified June 13, 2017

If you live in a flat or maisonette, Blackpool Council hold the freehold of the building and Blackpool Coastal Housing as your Landlord will manage your Lease on the council's behalf. Although the Lease gives you the right of possession it does not give you ownership of the property for the period stated in the lease.

What is a Lease?

The Lease is your legal agreement with the Landlord and sets out your rights and responsibilities; for example, your payment of Service Charges, Ground Rent and Buildings Insurance Premium, your obligations relating to consent to improvements you may wish to undertake, allowing access for repairs and programmed works and the tenancy conditions connected with neighbourhood issues. The Lease also sets out the Landlords responsibilities.

Leasehold Information

All new Leaseholders are provided with a copy of the Leaseholders Handbook, a plain English guide to what it means to be a Leaseholder and a description of the elements which make up your Service Charges. 

Leaseholders will also receive a copy of the Leaseholders News, a newsletter we produce twice a year and are invited to the quarterly Leasehold Forum. Minutes of these meetings can be found in the Documents folder on this website.

Miscellaneous Service Charges

From 10th August 2015, BCH/Blackpool Council introduced the following fees and charges for work we carry out which is not included in your annual service charges. These must be paid in advance of the service requested and the information/consent will not be released until payment is received.

Miscellaneous Service Charges
Service Requested Charge  VAT at 20%Total Charge 
Enquiries relating to assigning/selling your lease (usually requested by your solicitor)  £75  £15  £90
Notice of assignment registration £100  £20  £120 
Copy of your lease (paper or electronic)  £5 £1  £6 
Consent/retrospective for internal or external works £50  £10  £60 
Consent/retrospective for internal or external works if visit(s) required  £100  £20  £120
Cheques should be made payable to Blackpool Council. Please contact the Homeownership Team with any requests.