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Chief Exec Update: BCH's arrangements on COVID precautions

Blackpool Coastal Housing

You will all be aware of the new threat from the COVID variant that is starting to circulate. BCH will continue to provide you with services as it has been doing throughout the various lockdowns and periods of restriction.

We have developed tried and tested systems of work that keep you, your families and our staff safe while making sure you get what you need when you contact us. We may ask you to follow certain steps - from wearing a face covering to staying in a separate room when work is being carried out in your property - and would urge you to work with us in following any requests which are made to keep everyone safe.

For those of you who make use of our community centres, we will keep centres open but users need to make sure they follow basic hygiene rules and wear face coverings particularly when circulating around the building. Keeping windows open for the time you are in the centre will help with air circulation and users need to make sure they clean and sanitise tables and chairs when they are finished so the next group comes into a safe environment.

People are now well used to what precautions they need to take, our staff will be doing all they can to make you, your families and themselves safe so everyone can enjoy a safe and healthy festive season and new year.

John Donnellon

Chief Executive of Blackpool Coastal Housing

Blackpool Coastal Housing