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Our Clean and Green Warden event - your feedback matters

Blackpool Coastal Housing
Images of volunteers at event
With the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions ending, we were pleased to hold our annual Clean and Green Warden event on Wednesday 16th March at Lowmoor Community Centre. We'd like to say thank you once again to our Green and Clean Warden volunteers for their continued help in monitoring our Cleaning and Environmental Contracts. Their views really do make a difference to the service we provide.

Cleaning Contract Update

In October 2021, 5-AM Contract Cleaning was successful in achieving a 5 year partnering contract following the procurement process. 

Last year 5-AM completed over 700 fly-tip waste collections, 2000 block cleans, 10,000 cleaning hours and reported over 50,000 pieces of information directly to Blackpool Coastal Housing to keep residents safe.​

In January 2022 5-AM successfully provided employment for 4 local young people to gain experience after the pandemic as part of the government-backed KickStart scheme.​

Performance Monitoring

Between April 2021 and February 2022, the following performance was reported by our Clean Warden volunteers:
149 scoresheets were returned
95% rated the removal of graffiti from communal areas as Good to Excellent
91% rated the cleanliness of handrails and window ledges as Good to Excellent
95% rated the sweeping and mopping of floors and stairwells as Good to Excellent
85% rated bin store/chute cleanliness as Good to Excellent
88% rated the information displayed on the noticeboards as Good to Excellent
92% rated the removal of rubbish and fly-tipping as Good to Excellent

Ground Maintenance Contract Update

Fylde Council is responsible for completing our Grounds Maintenance works with 13 staff dedicated to this area. The grass cutting season will begin in April and sites will be completed every 2 weeks; in the event that it is too muddy/soft for the machines to go on the grass, they will aim to strim the areas where possible. The cutting season will stop mid-October when the winter maintenance will commence. 

Performance Monitoring

Between April 2021 and October 2021, the following performance was reported by our Green Warden volunteers:
153 scoresheets were returned
82% rated the grass cutting as Good to Excellent
74% rated the litter picking as Good to Excellent
76% rated the shrub, bushes and flower bed work​ as Good to Excellent
72% rated the removal of weeds & grass from walkways​ as Good to Excellent
81% rated the the blowing grass away from sills, porches and walkways​ as Good to Excellent
80% rated overall satisfaction as Good to Excellent


Image of Green Warden volunteers holding the latest Green Warden newsletter
Volunteers receive a newsletter every 6 months which reports on improvement updates, performance and information on how their involvement has made a difference.
Do you care about your community and want to help shape and improve the services you receive? If you have time to help and are interested in volunteering, we'd love to hear from you!
Please get in touch with the Involvement and Communications Team by calling 01253 477911
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