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*Jean's story...

Jean had reached crisis point and made contact with the local carers centre. She was struggling, caring for her husband with a brain injury who has limited mobility, arthritis, high blood pressure and COPD. She had to give up work to become his full time carer which had a detrimental impact on the couple’s joint income; they were receiving just over £1000 a month and just about managing to get by.

12 months prior to this, their boiler had broken leaving them with no central heating or hot water, their only source of heat was a small electric heater in the lounge and the kettle for hot water.

Jean had become isolated and depressed. When our Caseworker met Jean, she was very down at the initial visit and it was apparent how much the couple were struggling. The property was in a bad state of repair, large damp patches had appeared in the lounge, specifically around the bay window area and also in the front bedrooms around the bay windows. This damp had exacerbated *Richard’s COPD.

After the assessment was completed and eligibility for the funding was determined, the main priority was to have the boiler inspected - the engineer reported that a replacement was needed, so full funding was secured and the replacement of the boiler was organised.

Referrals were also made to Lancashire Fire & Rescue for a home safety check as there were no working smoke detectors in the property. Richard and Jean were then registered on the Priority Services Register and a referral was made to our BCH Community Activities Officer to call Jean and discuss the available activities and events within our community centres in order to assist in tackling social isolation.

In an attempt to draw out the excessive moisture in the property, a dehumidifier was loaned to the couple. They were signposted to CAB for financial advice and a benefit check and also informed about the local Credit Union.

Lastly, a referral to the Major Adaptations Team was made as Richard was struggling to manage the stairs.

When the Caseworker next visited, Jean was a different woman, her smile was ear to ear, and the change in her was really noticeable. Both Richard and Jean are extremely grateful to now be receiving the support they need. They have central heating and hot water and the dehumidifier is still drawing moisture out of the property with the damp reducing significantly. This is all having a positive effect on the couple’s health as well as their mental wellbeing. Our Caseworker will also be in touch in the near future to check the outcomes of the referrals and signposting to different teams.

*Name has been changed to protect customer’s identity

Thank you so much, it is amazing to have the central heating working, I am still getting used to having hot water. I went to boil the kettle before to wash up, and then I realised I just need to put the hot tap on.
If you're a homeowner on a low income with a broken or faulty boiler, we may be able to help. Contact us today if you think you could benefit from this type of support!

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