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Electrical safety tips for a safer Christmas

Blackpool Coastal Housing

Apart from Mr Scrooge (and perhaps turkeys), almost everyone loves Christmas. It’s that time of year when you can really go to town on decking your home out with all things twinkly and festive. It is, however, important to remember some simple safety tips during the festive season. Our Services Team have kindly put together some pointers to ensure your Christmas is a safe one.

  1. When using old Christmas lights inspect them for damage prior to plugging in.
  2. Do not leave fairy & Christmas lights out all year – they are not rated for long term use.
  3. Do not leave fairy & Christmas lights turned on overnight.
  4. If using Christmas lights outside ensure that they are designed for outside use.
  5. Be careful when placing paper & cardboard decorations next to lights.
  6. Never plug in more than one extension lead/4 way adapter into a socket
  7. When using a wind up coil extension lead always fully unwind it as the heat build-up within the cable often causes fires.
  8. Don’t leave your turkey cooking over night while you sleep.

We know some of these may seem obvious – but sometimes the simplest of things can get overlooked, especially with all the festive hustle and bustle at Christmas!

Blackpool Coastal Housing