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BCH supports 'Pride In Place: views from Northern Communities'

Blackpool Coastal Housing

BCH are members of the Northern Housing Consortium (NHC), which is a not-for profit organisation supporting the voice of housing in the North. 

They recently commissioned Thinks Insight to conduct research on the views from Northern communities’ and residents on what contributes to feelings of pride in their local area and the role NHC members could play in boosting pride in place. 

Blackpool Coastal Housing partnered this project, named 'Pride in Place' and some of our residents took part in the research by attending focus groups and giving their views. 

Residents highlighted a wide range of specific factors which contribute to feelings of pride in their local area.

These are:

  • Access to basic services
  • Sense of community and decision-making
  • State of the local environment

The research highlights key challenges such as: the fragmentation of services, a lack of capacity across public services and a lack of visibility of housing and other service providers to residents. These challenges can be overcome with specific action from housing providers, local councils and national government by: encouraging devolution of power to a regional or local level, rebuilding local capacity and supporting innovative engagement and creating community hubs.

This research will play a key role in the NHC’s influencing activities over the next 12 months providing a robust evidence-base for the NHC to present to Government and opposition parties. NHC members will find this a useful insight for their activities within their communities.

BCH Chief Executive John Donnellon attended the Northern Housing Summit this week, where the Pride in Place report was launched. The report will help inform BCH of the priority areas that residents have identified to increase pride in communities. 

You can read the full Pride in Place report here. 

Photo of Chief Executives who have supported the Pride in Place research, taken at the Northern Housing Summit
John Donnellon, BCH Chief Executive (3rd from left) at the Northern Housing Summit where the Pride in Place report was launched.
“ BCH values the effort and time our tenants put into shaping the report, we will be using the views to inform business plans next year and in subsequent years. We value the involvement of our tenants in all that we do and it was a real bonus to recruit one of the participants in the research to our tenant scrutiny panel.”
John Donnellon, BCH Chief Executive
Blackpool Coastal Housing