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10 Wellbeing tips for a restful Christmas

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Mental Health charity Mind has come up with 10 wellbeing tips for a restful Christmas this year...

  1. Honesty
    Try to be honest with people if you’re finding things overwhelming and you’re not feeling up to getting involved in everything. Don’t be afraid to cancel plans if you’re not feeling up to it. Sometimes you need to put yourself first. 

  2. Full Moon
    It’s a full moon on Christmas day, so have a look at that if the sky is clear (it won’t happen again for 19 years).

  3. Bed Head
    Give yourself a head start - try to go to bed early on Christmas Eve so you feel well-rested on the day itself.

  4. Plug yourself in
    If you are staying in an overcrowded house with people going to the loo at all hours, make sure you take ear-plugs to maximise your chance of a decent night’s sleep. 

  5. Press Pause
    If you’re someone who has a tendency to take on too much, the demands of Christmas can make this even worse. Remember you can only do so much, stop if it’s becoming too much and just try to relax and look after yourself. 

  6. Get Unstuck
    Make sure you’re not too house-bound and spend all the time eating and drinking! A brisk walk outside is a nice way to spend time with loved ones, or a day trip somewhere. Things can get quite intense if you’re stuck in the house all the time, and a bit of exercise helps too. 

  7. Talk
    If you are feeling overwhelmed or under pressure, talk to someone about it. If you are worried about how you might feel on the day, talk to someone else who will be there too so they can support you when needed during the festivities. 

  8. Pyjamas
    In between all the social arrangements, make sure you have a day to hang out at home in your pyjamas. Christmas is the season of hanging out in your pyjamas. 

  9. Don't Believe the Hype
    Don't compare yourself and your Christmas with the representations of perfect Christmas moments on social media or on adverts. Remember that everyone is only sharing the good bits and that we don't know what is going on behind the scenes. Don't get sucked into measuring your experience against something that's ultimately fake. 

  10. Give Yourself a Prezzie
    Make sure you take some time out after Christmas to do something you really want to do, no matter how small. Think about what you want to get out of the Christmas break; don’t feel like you have to do or be anything because it’s expected. 
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