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BCH has an active role in contributing to the quality of lives of tenants through working within our communities.

The role of customer engagement at BCH is to listen to, and understand the views, needs, expectations and aspirations of our customers so that we can continually improve and develop the services we deliver.

This strategy summary outlines our approach and commitment to customer engagement and involvement.

Achieving meaningful customer engagement:

  • A variety of ways to get involved
  • An aim of improving and developing services
  • Support and training on offer
  • Out of pocket expenses are covered
  • Dedicated Involvement and Communications Team to support you

BCH focuses on 3 key areas:

1. Involvement and Engagement
To emphasise the role of the customer voice and influence, achieving greater accountability to residents through a range of involvement and engagement opportunities.
2. Complaint Management
To ensure that there is a clear, simple and accessible approach to complaint handling so that complaints are resolved promptly, politely and fairly and there is continuous learning with service improvements and developments. 
3. Communication
To ensure customers are informed and engaged through a wide range of channels with a focus on accessibility, including; this website, social media, targeted campaigns, newsletters and other written communication. 


Measuring impact & outcomes:

We monitor our service through a range of Key Performance Indicators which are reviewed by our BCH Board. Our progress is reported in our Annual Report and feedback on outcomes can be found on this website.

For a full copy of our Engagement Strategy, please contact our dedicated Involvement and Communications Team:

T: 01253 477900 (select option 4 then 1)