Reporting a repair

Last Modified March 12, 2021


Our repairs service is here to carry out essential repairs to your property. We have a team of operatives who cover emergencies, gas and electric jobs, roofing, plumbing and other building repairs.

To find out more about the types of work we will do please take a look at our Repairs Handbook.

If you need to report a repair that is not an emergency, you can do so in the following ways.

  • Call us on 01253 477900 between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours only emergency repairs can be reported on this number.
  • In writing to The Repairs Hotline, Coastal House, 17-19 Abingdon Street, Blackpool, FY11DG
  • Text ‘Repairs” to 07786201409 or email us at these should not be used for emergency repairs.


Emergency Repairs

If you smell gas call the National Grid emergency number 0800 111 999.

To report an emergency repair call 0800 073 0184 (24 hours a day 7 days a week).

An emergency repair is one that might result in harm to people or property if it is not fixed quickly. We will attend within 4 hours. You will be charged if you call us out to a non emergency repair out of hours.

When you call, our staff will advise you on what an emergency repair is.

Here are some examples:

  • Major fire, flood, complete loss of power
  • Gas leak
  • Dangerous electrical faults
  • Blocked toilet (where only one is available)
  • A need to gain entry where no other access is available
  • Complete heating failure where no back up is available (Winter Season)


Some of the repairs to your home are your responsibility.  We may fix these for you but you will then be recharged for the work.

If you contact us about a repair or damage to your property, we will ask you how it happened and if you report it as a crime, we will ask for the crime reference number.  We will then advise you if it is your responsibility to fix and if so, what recharge might be applied.

Repairs may be recharged to you if the damage was caused due to an accident or if it has been abused.  Any damages caused to a communal area by you, a friend or a member of your family may also be rechargeable.    

If you are charged for a repair, an invoice will be sent out to your home address.  This will advise you of the recharge amount and give you an account reference number.  You will need to quote this reference number when making a payment. 

For more information on how to pay your recharge please click here.

Decorating your home

As mentioned above, some repairs are your responsibility, and this includes the internal decoration of your home, which should be kept in a good condition in line with your tenancy agreement. Home Improvement company, B&Q, has developed a range of advice and information guides on how to complete decorating tasks such as painting and wallpapering to tranform your house into a home.

You can view these tutorials by clicking on the links below:

For certain home improvements, such as altering your property, you will need to contact us first for permission. If you are unsure if permission is required, please contact the Repairs hotline before making any improvements.