Planned maintenance

Last Modified January 14, 2019

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Our Planned Maintenance programme is the large scale investment in our properties. This work is usually carried out by estate rather than on single properties. Our programme includes fencing, replacement kitchens and bathrooms, roofs, re-wiring and heating systems.

If we are going to carry out work on your home we will write to you beforehand.

Gas Servicing

We have a legal responsibility to carry out a gas safety check in your home every 12 months.  It is also a condition of your tenancy agreement to allow us access to carry out the work. 

We appreciate that not everyone uses their gas appliances, however we still need to check and maintain any associated pipe work. 

BCH works in partnership with Blackpool based Read and Errington who are a dedicated Gas Safe registered company.

Please note, if you have a gas cooker it is your responsibility to have this serviced and maintained as we will only inspect the pipe the cooker is attached to.   

Check out Wavelength to keep up to date on upcoming planned works in your area.