Former Tenant Arrears

Last Modified January 23, 2019

What are Former Tenant Arrears?

Former Tenant Arrears (FTA’s) are any outstanding Rent, Court Costs or Rechargeable Repairs that remain unpaid from a tenant's former address with Blackpool Coastal Housing. If you think you may have a debt with BCH, you can contact our Rents Team who will advise you how you can pay them off in full or by arrangement.

If you have recently left a BCH property and have FTA's, we will write to you at your new address and ask you to contact us to discuss paying the debt. When making a payment arrangement, we will work with you to ensure the payments are affordable.  

What Happens if You Don't Pay?

If we receive no reply from you, the debt may be passed to a collection company which will increase the costs payable by you. Even if the debt has passed the statute barred rules for actively chasing (6 years), Blackpool Council still hold the debt as outstanding.

The same payment methods are available as when you were a current tenant.

If you are on the Housing Waiting List, are you aware that under the MyHomeChoiceFyldeCoast scheme you may not be able to bid on properties if you do not have a payment plan in place to clear them?

Making a Payment Plan

To make a payment arrangement or to check how much is left outstanding, please contact us on Tel: 01253 477900 or email