Our 2016/17 Annual Report is here!

Last Modified November 03, 2017

Inspiring People to Build Better Communities!

In keeping with the vintage Blackpool theme we've adopted over the past few years, our 2016-17 Annual Report is packed full of information on our services and local communities.

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This year's Annual Report has been developed as a set of postcards, focusing on different topics and including bite-sized information. Also included are a number of videos which provide more detail on the fantastic work we've completed in partnership with local residents.  

Throughout November we'll be releasing some of the postcards each day on our Social Media channels so remember to 'Like' our Facebook page and 'Follow Us' on Twitter @BCHBlackpool to find out more!

Once we've released the full set of postcards, these will be available to view on this website and in our Coastal House and Grange Park Office receptions.