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Last Modified November 02, 2018

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Care & Repair is Blackpool’s Home Improvement Agency – working with people of all ages in Blackpool by helping them to live independently in their own homes by keeping them SAFE, WARM & SECURE.

Care & Repair Team is made up of a number of different roles which all complement each other and are funded by NHS Clinical Commissioning Group & Blackpool Council Adult & Childrens Services.

Staff undertake 'outreach' work across Blackpool promoting the services Care & Repair provide.  This outreach work is essential as it generates referrals for Blackpool residents who think they may benefit from using our services.  Our Services include;


Winter Warmth:


  • Boiler Repairs or Replacements
  • Heating Installations
  • Draft Proofing to windows, doors, letter boxes
  • Window Replacements (lounge and bedroom only)


It is for Owner/Occupiers who:

  • Are on low incomes with minimal savings
  • Have a member of the household who have a long term cold related illness
  • Struggle to keep warm at home and it is affecting their health


Assistance is provided with obtaining monies through various charity funding streams

Replacement White Goods - providing help to Blackpool residents to replace broken washing machines, fridges and freezers.


To qualify you must be;

  • In receipt of a means tested benefit or on a low income
  • Suffering with a chronic health condition

Home Owner Assistance (HOA) - services are aimed at helping residents in Blackpool with financial assistance to help with essential repairs to their property.  


To qualify you must be a;


  • Homeowner on a means tested benefit
  • Homeowner on a low income


If the resident is not entitled to HOA we may be able to provide assistance with accessing alternative charity funding.


Minor Adaptations

Minor adaptations such as wall to floor scaffolding rails with a step adaptation, door threshold alterations, door widening and lowering work surfaces after referrals are received from Adult Social Care and Occupational Therapists. Often works are priced at under approximately £1000 (can go up to approximately £1500/£2000 with discretion). Works normally completed within 5-10 working days


This service is open to all ages and tenures who are:

  • Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons
  • Owner Occupiers; Private Rented; Housing Association properties


 Certain criteria and eigibility apply

Sanctuary Scheme


Providing essential repairs service as part of the Council’s Domestic Violence Strategy to enable victims of domestic abuse to return to or remain living in their own homes.

  • The cost of materials is paid for by Blackpool Council’s Interpersonal Violence and Abuse Team.People at risk of interpersonal violence and abuse
  • Referrals from any professional involved with the service user
  • The service is open to all ages and tenures and is not means tested

Loop Systems

Installation and repair of Loops Systems, Loop Pads and Microphones for customers who are sensory impaired

  • Referrals from Sensory Service at Adult Social Care Blackpool Council
  • Materials provided by the Sensory Service
  • Labour charged to the Minor Works budgets dependent on tenure and undertaken in house by BCH trades

Blackpool Community Equipment Services (CES)  


Care and Repair work closely with NHS (Clinical Commissioning Group) CCG & Blackpool Council Adult Services Commissioners, all Blackpool Health Professionals, mainly made up of Occupational Therapists (OTs)


Assessments are carried out by the OT’s on Blackpool residents (adults & children) with disabilities requiring specialist equipment in order to help them to live at home and maintain their independence. These assessments and interventions significantly reduce hospital admissions.


We also provide this service to customers who live outside Blackpool but whose GP is based in Blackpool are also eligible. Equipment is fitted in customers’ homes by BCH Tradespersons.


For more information about any of these services please contact Care & Repair


Tel:            01253 476646


Email:       care&repair@bch.co.uk