Our Performance

Last Modified June 03, 2021

Who regulates us?

As an Arm’s Length Management Organisation, we are regulated by the Homes and Communities Agency, an executive non-departmental public body, sponsored by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government and which is responsible for the regulation of social housing.

Data Protection & Privacy Policy

Please click here to find out about how we collect, record, store and use your information.

Equality & Diversity

We provide services to a wide range of people and aim to deliver services that meet the needs of everyone within our communities. As part of our customer service we ensure that you will receive equal access to all BCH services.  We recognise that being able to understand individual needs will help us deliver our housing services in a sensitive and appropriate way and we are committed to removing any barriers our customers may face in accessing our services.  

We continually work to promote good relations between people of different backgrounds and seek to ensure that access, service and opportunities are equal, regardless of race, religion, culture, nationality, ethnic background, colour, physical or mental disability, gender, sexuality, age, literacy, income level and marital status.  Our Equality Policy sets out our vision and commitment to ensuring equal access and opportunities for all.

Key Performance Information

Below you will find key performance information from across the organisation. Results are published on a quarterly basis throughout the year (April - March).

The STAR survey is an independent assessment of the organisation's performance. Recognised nationally, the results provide a great way for us to benchmark our performance against other social housing providers.

When a customer uses our services, they are asked to complete a survey which captures their satisfaction level with that particular service (transaction).

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Financial information

Each month we produce a report which includes details of every invoice totalling over £500 paid to our suppliers. The report is produced in line with the Department for Housing, Communities and Local Government’s code of practice for Local Authorities on Data Transparency. Please see below for the most recent Financial Spend Reports.

Financial Spend Report March 2021

Financial Spend Report April 2021

Financial Spend Report May 2021

Each year we produce a report which includes a summary of business and financial statements for the previous financial year. Please see below for the most recent summary.

Financial Report 19/20

If you wish to view our previous reports (financial summary & spend over £500) please contact our Business Support Team on 01253 477900.