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Celebrating Success!

Last Modified August 04, 2017

We're pleased to announce that we've made position no.31 in 24Housing’s coveted ‘top 50 Social Housing Landlords’ campaign. 24Housing were looking for the brightest and best in the industry to be included in their Top 50 and we’re proud to have received this accolade.  

Our vision of ‘inspiring people to build better communities’ has been paramount over the past year, where we have specifically focused on:

-          Developing a vibrant new neighbourhood, replacing declining tower blocks with a modern low rise community

-          Supporting tenants struggling to pay their rent and raising the level of rent collection

-          Securing funding to provide intensive support to customers, enabling them to access the jobs market

-          Providing courses in our local communities to improve customer confidence, skills and knowledge

-          Delivering an expanding range of services for Blackpool Council using our existing value for money approach

-          Keeping rents below national averages whilst delivering services highly regarded by customers

-          Giving staff opportunity to give something back to our communities through ‘Community Action Days’

John Donnellon, Chief Executive of Blackpool Coastal Housing, said; “BCH is predominantly about delivering first class and affordable social housing but the objectives set by the board have recognised the need for us to build that service on stable communities that can aspire to better, more sustainable futures. As a result of uncertain economic times, we have become more innovative, collaborative and are using our experience and skills to drive forward our vision and values”.