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Last Modified August 04, 2017

As a customer of BCH you can access information relating to your tenancy by creating your own website account.

You do this by entering the My BCH self service portal.  

This allows customers to:

  • send and receive messages from BCH
  • log a repair using our interactive tool
  • check your repair history
  • make an online payment 
  • check your rent history
  • view your personal information (contact details etc.)
  • update personal and contact information
  • log a complaint with the ASB team
  • amend a housing application for transfer


New Users

So that we can identify you as a customer of BCH, you will be asked to enter your Tenancy Number.  This number appears on the top of your rent statement and starts with 700.  You should only use only the first 8 digits of the number quoted (ignore the last 3 digits).

You will also be asked to provide a memorable word and a password of 8 digits or more.

After completing this initial registration, you will receive a letter in the post advising you of what you need to do next.  This letter will contain a verification code, which looks like '123A456B7C'. Once you have logged in with your email address, password and memorable word you will be asked to enter this verification code. Once this code has been entered you will have full access to your account. 

Existing Users

Simply enter your username (email address), password and memorable word.

Having Problems Logging In?

If you have any questions about My BCH or you are struggling to register/access your account, please contact the Customer Involvement and Communications Team.