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Equality and Diversity

Last Modified June 13, 2017


Blackpool Coastal Housing is committed to ensuring that Equality and Diversity is at the heart of everything we do.  We are aware of and value the different groups of customers and possible future customers.  We aim to deliver services that meet the needs of everyone within our communities. 


As part of our customer service we ensure that you as an individual will receive equal access to all BCH services.  We recognise that being able to understand everyone's needs will help us deliver our housing services in a sensitive and appropriate way. 


We continually work to promote good relations between people of different backgrounds and seek to ensure that access, service and opportunities are equal, regardless of race, religion, culture, nationality, ethnic background, colour, physical or mental disability, gender, sexuality, age, literacy, income level and marital status.  Our Equality Policy sets out our vision and commitment to ensuring equality of access and opportunities for all.